As I have been for years repairing many jukebox types I thought I would give some guidance to help some basic faults


This have a common fault that stops the machine completely dead except the main lights with the record in play
The problem is the record has not located correctly in the centre turntable or the record centre was not cut out properly wurlitzer have a safety switch that stops damaging the record.
To reset this fault just remove the record with the power off this can be done by remove top rear cover and lift front glass up .The centre shaft that goes thru into the record centre follow this to the rear of the machine their will be a large wheel with a belt that connects to the turn table motor on the centre large wheel pull the centre part outwards and the record should be able to be removed or located correctly then release the centre part slowly
Turn machine on and the machine should start up


FROM THE late 1970s - 1980s Ami made jukeboxes with central computers
A common problem with these machines are they have intermittent selecting problems
The board get dry solder joint and a bad battery replace the battery and resolder the board this should resolve the fault


A common fault on mid 60s to late 70s Rockola jukeboxes is the record drum jams and will not move around this is because it not been serviced
Underneath the record drum on the inner side is a mechanism that detects the A or B side of the record this commonly seizes up and jams the drum from spinning round this needs to be removed cleanup and refitted

All Jukeboxes

Coin mechanism on all machines

I have many calls that the machine will not credit to play a record
In most cases it the coin mechanism has block up by someone putting the wrong coin in the jukebox
Just remove the coin mechanism clear out the coins then replace mechanism
Test the jukebox

I will slowly update this page